Mrs A's Home Curry Kits

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We are super excited to launch, we are hoping to get everything posted first class by Tuesday. Please bear with us whilst we find our feet!

We are super excited to guide you on your journey through your

Mrs A’s Home Curry Kit!


At Mrs A’s we have a passion for bringing authentic homemade curries to your table.


We have designed the Home Curry Kit to make it easier and quicker for you to cook up a mouthwatering curry meal. The items and steps have been carefully planned to allow you to save time and enjoy the cooking process.


We absolutely love the aspect of you being able to choose the core ingredient to go into your curry.

Chicken, lamb, prawns, paneer, fish, tofu, quorn, vegetables and pulses are just a few examples


Did you know that you can also change the core ingredient used in the pakoras, for example chicken strip, aubergine or mushrooms can make the most mouthwatering pakoras.

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