Mrs A's Marinade Kit 

This is a super authentic spice marinade. It is literally just spices! The recipe has been passed down for generations.


You can use this marinade for grilling, frying, cooking in the oven or over a BBQ. 

Its great for meal prep!


This kit includes:

Recipe card and two marinades 

  • Tandoori Marinade 
  • Tikka Marinade


Each sachet is designed to coat 750g of core ingredient. If you would like to use less core ingredient give the closed sachet a good shake to mix the spices, then adjust the recipe according to the amount of core ingredient. 

For an extra punch of flavour you could use a entire sachet with less core ingredient. 


You will need

- Yogurt or oil for the mix

- Lemon

- The core ingredient that you would like to marinade. 


Some examples of core ingredients that you can use are chicken, lamb, prawns, paneer, fish, tofu, quorn, vegetables and many more.


Mrs A's Marinade Kit - Delivery Included

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